Saturday, April 26, 2008

Today on her bike


We found out about a week ago that we are giong to have a new member to our family! I can't begin to tell you how thrilled we are! If only these 40 weeks didn't take so long. I am reveling in them though and soaking in each moment, knowing once it's gone it's gone and we will be a family of 4 in no time at all. I am 5 weeks and 3 days prego and i started my journal to this baby today. I asked Hailey if it was a girl baby or a boy baby and she said, "two brothers!" that would be awesome, but 1 will be great too! I have an appointment with my midwife on May 5th- the same day i'm having a sex toy party! lol! married women only! i also have an appt on monday to sign up for pcap and get free health insurance! yeah! they even cover homebirth!

i get a funny feeling in my belly every once in a while, but not "sick" feeling yet. But i do sleep a lot lighter than i did.

It got cold tonight. It was very worm today around 80 but cooled off when the rain showed up- we needed it! hadn't rained in quite a while! we're putting bushes in the front of the house soon, and mulch around it- pretty! and white rocks in the flower bed on the side of the house, i'll send pix when it's complete. we are carpeting the upstairs bedrooms this week. pretty beige/tan in both bedrooms and hallway. they are also going to fix the carpet on the stairs that hailey ripped off...uggh! that was still covered from 4 years ago! yeah! when we get our government check we're putting new garage doors on. one guy came and gave us an estimate and we called 3 others, hopefully we'll get a really good deal. well, i have to get going. here's a pix of a visit with gram and gramp smith.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

my life lately

silly girl
easter morning before church
The baby doll has a matching dress this is from aunt kay.
happy family!

so i haven't written on here in almost a month!

i'll dive right in...i pulled into the driveway after work tonight and there was a raccoon in my front yard! i don' think it was rabid...but still scary, even in the was limping. not a good thing. i don't want it dying in my yard! gross...not a fan of wild animals!

well, i'm starting a new job on the 25th, can't wait! more pay and it's half the distance driving! with gas almost $4 a gallon, that's a good thing! plus in a private salon, you don't get tips less than $5. so that will help too! so great that she's willing to let me keep the same schedule i have now! i love being home with my baby girl and wouldn't trade that for the world!

hailey and i went to stegelmeir park today and walked through the woods- it was beautiful and we saw at least a dozen deer, most were within a few feet of us! also chipmunks, and squirrels, she ran the whole time- probably about 2 miles! so I'm sure daddy put her down early tonight. he had ty quondow lessons at a guy from church's house, and they have 4 kids.

one is her age i think, so she had a blast- daddy said.

the pictures are of her easter dress and the one of the three of us is at the alabama swamps last sunday when it was beautiful and amost 70 degrees!!!

there are blooms on my trees and the tulips and daffodils are's suposed to SNOW on sunday-thats an evil "s" word!!!

i am so excited to start my garden this year!

i did grama and grampa's hair yesterday. it's always nice to visit with them, hailey loves it, and grama comes bearing gifts for her- of course- this time it was a purse with money in it and tissues, which was the coolest thing ever! and a hat- that hailey says is for darien lake. and g & g smith are supposed to come over on a wed this month for dinner.

can't wait for darien lake. it stinks that we have to give mom's car back to her- it's so nice to have 2! but we're so grateful for the one that we have. praise God his hand was all over that purchase! our car is a blessing to us everyday! we have not had to sink hardly any money into it and we're in a position now where we can start paying more than the minimum payment on it and get it payed off sooner! yeah God! When we started being really really faithful with our tithing, He opened the store houses of Heaven, as i'm sure he will do for all his children!

i'm so glad to be growing and learning and having that hunger in me to do so! and praise him that he reminds me to use everything as a way to praise him and to teach hailey to do that. just today we prayed and thanked God for letting us be able to see his creation- the deer- what a blessing that was to us and i pray that God will continue to remind me to do that with her! I want her to know that every good and perfect gift is from above- but let us not forget the verses before that one- speaking of trials and tribulation- those are right from him too! rejoice and know that you must go through the valley to stand upon the mountain of God!

i am in the process of writing and directing and casting and acting in a play for a huge ladies event on july 22nd. i'm really excited about what God will do, and he's teaching me as i write it and study his word. it's holding me more accountable for sure- i have 2 weeks to finish the rough draft and give it to the pastor's wife to present to 2 other women- I am praying that God will use me to write a play that will prick the hearts of the women that come and that they will be convicted, and choose to change, and allow God to change them.

on a different saddens me that Christian women aren't eagerly and aggressively persuing their husbands sexually...don't they know that's their role? don't they want to satisfy their husband's God given desires?? don't they want to be the source of all their husband's desires...what women need to understand is that even if they are uncomfortable with their own bodies- and we all are- their husband's love them just the way they are. when they desire you, or even when they don't show much interest- you should be fulfilling your role as his wife and letting him delight in the only woman he can delight in righteously...YOU! if you don't, you are robbing him, and you're disobeying God. You need to fulfill his sexual appetite, so much so, that he's begging for a break- as my hubby often is! LOL!!! not that i always do this well, there are about 2 weeks in every month when the desire just dissapates, but if i don't want him to be thinking of other women, if i want to help my husband not to struggle, i fulfill his needs. i understand that every man at every age struggles with thoughts and that it's a never ending mind battle for them. i thank God that i don't have that, but I think we don't have that as women so that we can focus more on helping our husband's not to fall short in this area. to give them their "release" LOL!
those are my thoughts for now. later!