Thursday, August 28, 2008

Erie County Fair

This is my brave girl on top of a camel at the fair. We weren't there long but enough time to get a funnel cake and ice-cream. We got free tickets from Rich and Kim, who by the way just bought a house. They have been looking for about 2 years. We haven't seen it yet, but heard it's huge.

I just love Hailey's face next to the pig! It's my screensaver.

22 Weeks

So as you can see, the belly is growing. I am now 23 weeks, but this photo was taken last week. I have gained 10lbs. Which is below average- although i'm sure it won't stay below average with all the doughnuts i've had lately- my pregnancy weakness! Peter can see my belly move from across the room. Baby Preston or Trinity is very active at night. I have severe backache daily and have been going to the chiropractor and using tiger balm, which helps, but i am looking into going to an accupuncturist who is a friend of a friend and is a Christian. I only have 4 months left, but it seems like a long time when your back hurts everyday. Feels like my pelvis is being spread open and i'm sure my hips are widening. Other than that i have no yucky symptoms- no heartburn, i was having a little indigestion, but only if i eat between 7-9pm. which is easy to avoid since i'm at work 3 nights and church 2 nights. I am going to be going to a woman's bible study on Tue. mornings and Hailey will go with me. I have been asked to lead the women in the memory minute verse every week. So that's good that i have some accountability and have to show up! Also i will be serving in the nursery with the babies once every 6 weeks. Until the baby comes of course. So i'm looking forward to being in there since i only get to be with the pre-k every 6 weeks and miss out on seeing the little ones. Well, I better figure out what we're having for dinner! Later!

My salon!

This is something i've waited for over 4 years. I am thrilled to have my own area to do hair, instead of the kitchen. The sunroom is nearly complete- we only have to put a new floor down- we're thinking of indoor/ outdoor carpet. Peter and his dad had quite a time with the paneling and trim since our house had no straight lines in it at all- it is more like waves than straight walls and floors. but oh well. We are just really happy to have the room you walk into when you enter our house looking better. Hopefully it will be warmer now since they insulated all the walls.
Maybe we'll save on our gas bill! yeah!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Loving Big Sister

I am now 21 weeks prego and loving it. I can feel the baby moving big time and so does Daddy and Hailey. We are enjoying this time in our life, but i can't help but feel some saddness over the fact that it won't be just me and Hailey home together all day long. I really enjoy having just her and our one on one time and I hate that that has to end. But I am also really looking forward to our "new life." With another Ritenburg added to the group. A family of four. Man, it seems like that happened fast. Even though when we were trying it seemed like forever! I am doing really well at work and almost feel guilty making as much as I am. I'm so used to making minimum wage, plus tips, and it's wierd to be doing so well so quickly! But we have been faithfully tithing and God is faithful to His promises. It has been nice to be able to make some improvements to our home that have been long over due. Hopefully this weekend we will be working on Hailey's "jungle room." I am anxious to get the baby room ready, and the living room painted- although i can't paint- i am getting him set up to paint. This is the first year in our married life that we are going to be able to use our tax return for something other than paying off credit card debt!! Yeah! An entire year of not using credit cards!! That's a miracle in itself! It will all go into our house though, but I'm excited, hopefully a new bath tub. And definently 3 new garage doors. We are also considering putting hardwood floors in the living room- no more stained carpet. Well, my 3 year old is flipping out over a sock thing, so i'll write more another time.