Thursday, August 28, 2008

22 Weeks

So as you can see, the belly is growing. I am now 23 weeks, but this photo was taken last week. I have gained 10lbs. Which is below average- although i'm sure it won't stay below average with all the doughnuts i've had lately- my pregnancy weakness! Peter can see my belly move from across the room. Baby Preston or Trinity is very active at night. I have severe backache daily and have been going to the chiropractor and using tiger balm, which helps, but i am looking into going to an accupuncturist who is a friend of a friend and is a Christian. I only have 4 months left, but it seems like a long time when your back hurts everyday. Feels like my pelvis is being spread open and i'm sure my hips are widening. Other than that i have no yucky symptoms- no heartburn, i was having a little indigestion, but only if i eat between 7-9pm. which is easy to avoid since i'm at work 3 nights and church 2 nights. I am going to be going to a woman's bible study on Tue. mornings and Hailey will go with me. I have been asked to lead the women in the memory minute verse every week. So that's good that i have some accountability and have to show up! Also i will be serving in the nursery with the babies once every 6 weeks. Until the baby comes of course. So i'm looking forward to being in there since i only get to be with the pre-k every 6 weeks and miss out on seeing the little ones. Well, I better figure out what we're having for dinner! Later!

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