Sunday, December 30, 2007

My Artist

So this is one of the presents she got from mommy and daddy and she loves it! Along with riding her new bike- it's all she ever wants to do. Aunt Becky got her some paint so she will have a lot to last a while! yeah!

Christmas was fun and not too stressful since i didn't have it at my house. I was sad that i couldn't be with my immediate family but it was ok to share it with extended family and i was just grateful to have some family to share it with. I was working on a client a few weeks ago who was a very elderly gentleman and said that he didn't have any living family at all. how sad his life must be and especially around the holidays- i can't imagine.

The computer isn't letting me put pix on right now so i'll have to do that later.

Friday, December 21, 2007

"The Bum"

Ok so i finally got around to sweeping the kitchen floor today and when i was about to sweep it all up into the dust pan...all 5 lbs of dirt...I said,"look hailey, mommy's sweeping the floor." and she said,"thanks mom, you're a bum..." or so i thought she said. when i asked her what she said, she repeated and i realized it was "you're the bomb!" which i have had her say in the past, but she's never said it on her own until about hilarious! so, i'm not a bum...i'm the BOMB!!!! YEAH!

I had a huge cup of coffee at work tonight and almost a whole box of charleston chew mini's which by the way are sooooo good!!! so now i am WWWWWWIIIIIIRRRRREEEDDDDDDD!!!!
LOL! but my husband got to enjoy being woken up by a hyper wife. he he he!

so my boss is paying me to make cupcakes for her daughter and another co worker is paying me to make these cookies that i brought into work...they are so easy to make but taste sinfully indulgent! All it is is a box of oreos crushed in the blender and a package of creme cheese (soft) and you make them into balls and then you dip them in chocolate...ohmygosh!!!!! sooooo bad but you would think you're biting into a truffle! no one believes that they are made from oreos...they are amazing and hailey told me that they are "her best" not favorite, but "best"!!!! out of the 8 different kinds of cookies that i made, these are "her best." of course she's a chocoholic like her father! who by the way is starting to put on some pudge from all the sweets! lol! it's adorable!

a few days ago we rearranged the house and i like it like this so much better! we did the living room and our bedroom and the green room. which is now the game room. the living room seems to have more room now and it's homier. alright i think i'm done writing, i have no pix to post, i'll have to take some of hailey tomorrow and put them on. later!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Wonderful World of Cookies

I think i made over 20 dozen cookies this year. I have given away a lot and still have a ton. Most of them are going to my neighbor who paid me $10 a doz. and ordered 12 doz, but the rest are for us to enjoy and share. I may put on some cookie weight...oh well...they are delicious! This picture is of my baby girl wearing her "princess" (of course) that is falling off of her since it's too big, and she refuses to let me pin it in the back for reasons i'll never understand. She is decorating the cut outs. She did about 7 or 8 and then got bored and ate about 3 or 4...she liked to take a bite and put it back and get started on a new one, so i would finish them for her!one of the cookies she decorated was sooo covered with frosting that it was drowning and then she put a ton of red cinnamon balls on it...she ate a bunch of those too...

she said to me today "mom, this house is too dirty" and i said "what do you think is dirty?" and she said "this floor, see, stuff is stuck on my feet." I think it was from all the baking i've been doing...oops...i'm a slob and my 3 year old noticed! so she went and grabbed the broom and started "sweeping". It was too cute and actually not the first time she's said or done that.

We played the memory game today for the first time...where you match the cards...she loved it! and she was really starting to get it and she got soooo excited when i found a match! she understands more than i think and she totally got the whole it's mommy's turn now thing...the whole you can only look at two cards thing- she wasn't too fond

A friend at work gave me a cd/tape player that is for a little girl, pink with flowers on it, and so i gave it to hailey and she loves it! she said "mommy, now you have your own and i have MY own!!!" very excited! she loves to put the cd in it and turn it on, and skip songs, and it's just the coolest thing in the world now, especially since we got a curious george book on cd from the library, she has been playing it over and over and i think i have it memorized!!aaahhhh!!!!

I am really looking foward to Christmas morning with her and my hubby! She certainly hangs the moon for me! I feel so blessed to be her mother and sometimes it's still so unreal that i have a daughter- something i wanted so much, and waited so long for. She is cherished. Please pray that i will have patience with her and that i will train her biblically and that I will be able to show her that i'm not just talk -that i will truly live out what i believe in my mind and heart.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


This is a picture of my daddy, Jef, and one of my brothers, of 4 brothers...can you even believe the resemblance?? crazy! both hotties! i wish my brother Josh was in this one too...he's a big time hottie!

Today was another filled with cookie making. I made thumbprints, mexican wedding balls, and peanut butter kiss cookies=- which my daughter hailey helped me by unwrapping all the kisses for me...what a great helper! i am so blessed!
yesterday she said to me after eating a cookie, "mom, this one is my best." so i said "you mean it's your favorite?" and she said "no, it's my best." she's something else!
Tonight in the car on the way to church she was screaming and flipping out about her shoes or the line on the about reap what you sow...ahhemm...anyway, she all of a sudden saw christmas lights on our neighbors house and instantly stopped screaming and says with a perfectly clear non whining voice.."christmas lights!!!" it was so hysterical peter and i were dying! such a little actress...can't imagine why!

Cart Heaven

I was stopping traffic in the Walmart parking lot to take this shot of a 20 foot snow mound with it's captive inside it. I'm sure the plow guys thought it would be a hoot! Think it could win a contest? or make it to the newspaper?? it is pretty funny.

Life in Buffalo

These are my two favorite people in the world
shoveling about a foot of snow in our driveway!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

"Princess Hailey"-with a baby in her belly

well, i missed yesterday since i was doing so much. my great hubby let me sleep in and had the dishes done when i woke up. he tends to do that at least two or three times a week..what a blessing! after i had my shower, and was ready for the we three went...far and near.

we did lots of shopping- grocery and other stuff... then came home and ate and i began my adventure in baking. i made: fudge, with nuts and without, mexican wedding balls, pb clusters, coconut macroons, choc covered oreos, and oreo balls. i still have cut outs and thumbprints to make and peanut butter kiss cookies.

my neighbor paid me $120 to make 10 dozen cookies for him...the rest are for our family and friends. anyway i baked from 530-930...then i was pooped! peter and i watched a movie together after that. he put hailey to bed himself last night...what a blessing...again!

i'm working tonight, i taught dance this morning to 3 and 4 year olds for an hour, my tuesday routine. it's fun but so tiring! i will be posting pix soon...surprisingly it takes less time to put pix on here than it does to send them on an email. my camera is in the car right now and i don't want to go out in the snow right now, so i'll do it soon.

my best friend rebecca and i are going out tonight after i get out of work...we haven't been able to talk since she had her second girl two weeks ago. although we did see them today at "leaps and bounce" we let the girls, grace (almost 2) and hailey (3) go crazy bouncing in bounce houses for about 2 hours. it was fun and i got to hold 2 week old mackenzie.

i'm trying to think of something funny hailey said today...her daily talking always consists of letting me know that she has to wear her "princess" which is her cinderella dress-up dress. she then tells me how when she puts her "princess" on that she has a baby in her belly and that she needs to go to debbie's house (my friend who had an at-home water birth) so that she can get in the water and her baby can come out. so cute, but kinda getting annoying to listen to every day!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Winter Wonderland

I believe we're up to about a foot of snow. Hasn't stopped all day. It's so beautiful though and it truly feels like Christmas now.

My darling Hailey says to me on occasion..."memmer yesternight when i .." how adorable is that! or every once in a while it's "yestertime." You couldn't pay for that kind of humor. ok so i just realized i was capitalizing things how wierd am i?

My darling hubby and his friend John are moving our guest bed out of the upstairs bedroom and into a closet so that we can have a "rec room" in there...kind of a den and neat hang out. he's going to make shelves and we'll put all our board games in there. he also has a x box...even though i swore that we'd never have those "evil" things...his brother gave him one for his 30th birthday...yeah for brothers...anyway, when we have another baby we'll turn that room into the new baby's room, but he or she will be in our room for a few months anyway, so there's no rush, especially since i'm not even prego yet.

A girl at work gave me a bunch of bins to organize toys and so i completely redid her toy room...except i'm hoping to keep it that way with a new "system." here's hoping- what i did is take pix of items that go into that bin, and i'm going to laminate them and tape them to the bin they go in, so it's easier for her to clean up and less frustrating for me...but if i know my daughter, she'll probably just rip the pix off the bins and put them in her purse and tell me they are her money or something. we shall see.

Now Peter's out with John shoveling. Fun times!

We were all invited to a couple's house from church this afternoon who have 3 little girls..ages 8, 4, and 2. way too cute kids! they loved having hailey there, and boy did hailey love it...3 times the dress up princess stuff...oh boy! she was in her glory. i am still floored that i have a 3 year old. it's so incredible! but best part of all is that dana and bill (the parents), totally awesome couple...she's a red head too, and peter actually grew up with her in the mennonite church...anyway, they said we should go away for a weekend so that hailey can stay there and play with their girls...can you say answer to prayer!!!!! she's also the director of the classroom that hailey just moved out of...when she turned 3, she truly adores hailey...yeah!

well, i think that's if for tonight. ganna go play with my treasure now.

Saturday, December 15, 2007


i feel so special doing this blogging thing- i'm not very computer savy but somehow i survive in 2007. one thing you should know about me is that i don't like using capital letters when i type so just get used to it i guess- ;-)

i am 26 and have been married to the most wonderful man on the planet for 6 1/2 years now. time has flown so much especially lately since our daughter just turned 3!!! who said she could do that?

my baby girl's name is hailey and she is the most beautiful child i've ever seen.

i'm only going to write formally this way once so you can get to know the basics about me...i plan on most of this being for my mom since i know she'll read it and it will be the basic everyday stay at home mom stuff that only we can appreciate.

mom lives in texas and i'm in ny she's been there almost 2 years, and i'm not too fond of it...but it's where we are right now- certainly not forever.

i am a hairdresser at a salon in the mall and i work at night when my hubby can be with my baby girl. they love the one on one time and i love my's my creative outlet. i can't wait to have my own "private" salon in my home. here's to the future...

well, i'll continue this tomorrow...or maybe not...when hubby is mind is with him...still madly in love- our anniversary of when he asked me to be his girlfriend is christmas eve...1997. 11 years together and our love grows stronger with time. praise God for a man who knows what commitment is and who loves God more than me!