Friday, December 21, 2007

"The Bum"

Ok so i finally got around to sweeping the kitchen floor today and when i was about to sweep it all up into the dust pan...all 5 lbs of dirt...I said,"look hailey, mommy's sweeping the floor." and she said,"thanks mom, you're a bum..." or so i thought she said. when i asked her what she said, she repeated and i realized it was "you're the bomb!" which i have had her say in the past, but she's never said it on her own until about hilarious! so, i'm not a bum...i'm the BOMB!!!! YEAH!

I had a huge cup of coffee at work tonight and almost a whole box of charleston chew mini's which by the way are sooooo good!!! so now i am WWWWWWIIIIIIRRRRREEEDDDDDDD!!!!
LOL! but my husband got to enjoy being woken up by a hyper wife. he he he!

so my boss is paying me to make cupcakes for her daughter and another co worker is paying me to make these cookies that i brought into work...they are so easy to make but taste sinfully indulgent! All it is is a box of oreos crushed in the blender and a package of creme cheese (soft) and you make them into balls and then you dip them in chocolate...ohmygosh!!!!! sooooo bad but you would think you're biting into a truffle! no one believes that they are made from oreos...they are amazing and hailey told me that they are "her best" not favorite, but "best"!!!! out of the 8 different kinds of cookies that i made, these are "her best." of course she's a chocoholic like her father! who by the way is starting to put on some pudge from all the sweets! lol! it's adorable!

a few days ago we rearranged the house and i like it like this so much better! we did the living room and our bedroom and the green room. which is now the game room. the living room seems to have more room now and it's homier. alright i think i'm done writing, i have no pix to post, i'll have to take some of hailey tomorrow and put them on. later!

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Daune said...

I'm ready to hear more stuff!!!
The cookies are beautiful...and you did well in the price of them, too!
We miss you really badly!
Write more stuff, please, on my girl.
love you,
P.S.-Kiss my Haileygirl for me, please, too, and tell her gramma loves her dearly!