Wednesday, December 19, 2007


This is a picture of my daddy, Jef, and one of my brothers, of 4 brothers...can you even believe the resemblance?? crazy! both hotties! i wish my brother Josh was in this one too...he's a big time hottie!

Today was another filled with cookie making. I made thumbprints, mexican wedding balls, and peanut butter kiss cookies=- which my daughter hailey helped me by unwrapping all the kisses for me...what a great helper! i am so blessed!
yesterday she said to me after eating a cookie, "mom, this one is my best." so i said "you mean it's your favorite?" and she said "no, it's my best." she's something else!
Tonight in the car on the way to church she was screaming and flipping out about her shoes or the line on the about reap what you sow...ahhemm...anyway, she all of a sudden saw christmas lights on our neighbors house and instantly stopped screaming and says with a perfectly clear non whining voice.."christmas lights!!!" it was so hysterical peter and i were dying! such a little actress...can't imagine why!

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Daune said...

What a handsome dad you have!
...and your brother is adorable...