Saturday, September 12, 2009

Two hiding friends.

This one happened about 10 mins before I took this picture. I had just checked it, and when I checked it again right after that, it had already changed. It still looked wet, gooey and different than the other one.
This one changed overnight. We woke up to find it.

Let there be PEARS!

Hailey took these pictures- my budding photographer!
This was today after we went to speak at a Woman's Aglow Meeting about the liver donation. It was really exciting to see how many women were encouraged and how it touched their lives to hear what a miracle God had done.

We canned 12 pints today and 6 quarts yesterday of pears. I am done with peaches and ended up with 16 quarts...which was 1/2 bushel. I will be doing more pears tomorrow. They are sooo good! I am hoping to find some tomatoes somewhere- this year all the farmers tomatoes got some disease and all died. ;-( So maybe if I go to another county I'll find some. I want to make spaghetti sauce and salsa. Next month will be applesauce and applebutter, and then squash- acorn and butternut. YUM! We soo love squash!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Canning Peaches

These are my beautiful peaches that will be in jars on Thursday! Loving this!

New Friends

These are the 2 newest additions to our family. We found them on a walk to see the baby pony down the road. Within two weeks we should have two monarchs! Yeah for the school of LIFE!


Our first day of Kindergarten begins tomorrow! Wow, I cannot believe it's here already! I am excited and nervous and kind of weirded out that this huge landmark is here and we will be doing school for the next God knows how many years!!! A new adventure! I will need lots of prayer! Especially for patience and grace! I am just so grateful that I have a husband who leads me and who understands the value and importance of the role God has given us to "...teach and train..." our children. And I'm grateful that I am at home and able to watch my daughter learn all these firsts...learn to read, to tie her shoe, and so much more! Praise God for His provision and I pray that I never stop surrendering to His plan for my life!

My Make-up Artist

Thank God this was her makeup and not mine, and that she asked me if she could do this before she did it! Of course she had to decorate barbie too! So when Pastor Steve came for a visit today, this is what Hailey decided to do. She is quite talented! I do think he was pretty impressed!!

Labor Day

We spent Labor Day at Brown's Berry Patch in Waterport, NY. It was about an hour away and Rebecca and Jordan and Gracie and McKenzie joined our clan. It was a beautiful day! There was so much for the kiddos to do and they totally had a blast! They had billy goats up on this roof/bridge thing, and there was a pully to lift food up to them. They had a huge slide- that was sooo fun! And the giant pillow was incredible- i'm not sure if the kids or "grown-ups" had more fun! There was even a misting tent for when you got too hot! After we all played a while we went "pickin" and got apples, elderberries,

blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries! YUMMY! I froze them to put into pancakes and waffles in the winter! Here's the website for Brown's Berry Patch so you can check it out yourself! Happy Labor Day to all!