Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Wonderful World of Cookies

I think i made over 20 dozen cookies this year. I have given away a lot and still have a ton. Most of them are going to my neighbor who paid me $10 a doz. and ordered 12 doz, but the rest are for us to enjoy and share. I may put on some cookie weight...oh well...they are delicious! This picture is of my baby girl wearing her "princess" (of course) that is falling off of her since it's too big, and she refuses to let me pin it in the back for reasons i'll never understand. She is decorating the cut outs. She did about 7 or 8 and then got bored and ate about 3 or 4...she liked to take a bite and put it back and get started on a new one, so i would finish them for her!one of the cookies she decorated was sooo covered with frosting that it was drowning and then she put a ton of red cinnamon balls on it...she ate a bunch of those too...

she said to me today "mom, this house is too dirty" and i said "what do you think is dirty?" and she said "this floor, see, stuff is stuck on my feet." I think it was from all the baking i've been doing...oops...i'm a slob and my 3 year old noticed! so she went and grabbed the broom and started "sweeping". It was too cute and actually not the first time she's said or done that.

We played the memory game today for the first time...where you match the cards...she loved it! and she was really starting to get it and she got soooo excited when i found a match! she understands more than i think and she totally got the whole it's mommy's turn now thing...the whole you can only look at two cards thing- she wasn't too fond

A friend at work gave me a cd/tape player that is for a little girl, pink with flowers on it, and so i gave it to hailey and she loves it! she said "mommy, now you have your own and i have MY own!!!" very excited! she loves to put the cd in it and turn it on, and skip songs, and it's just the coolest thing in the world now, especially since we got a curious george book on cd from the library, she has been playing it over and over and i think i have it memorized!!aaahhhh!!!!

I am really looking foward to Christmas morning with her and my hubby! She certainly hangs the moon for me! I feel so blessed to be her mother and sometimes it's still so unreal that i have a daughter- something i wanted so much, and waited so long for. She is cherished. Please pray that i will have patience with her and that i will train her biblically and that I will be able to show her that i'm not just talk -that i will truly live out what i believe in my mind and heart.

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