Sunday, December 16, 2007

Winter Wonderland

I believe we're up to about a foot of snow. Hasn't stopped all day. It's so beautiful though and it truly feels like Christmas now.

My darling Hailey says to me on occasion..."memmer yesternight when i .." how adorable is that! or every once in a while it's "yestertime." You couldn't pay for that kind of humor. ok so i just realized i was capitalizing things how wierd am i?

My darling hubby and his friend John are moving our guest bed out of the upstairs bedroom and into a closet so that we can have a "rec room" in there...kind of a den and neat hang out. he's going to make shelves and we'll put all our board games in there. he also has a x box...even though i swore that we'd never have those "evil" things...his brother gave him one for his 30th birthday...yeah for brothers...anyway, when we have another baby we'll turn that room into the new baby's room, but he or she will be in our room for a few months anyway, so there's no rush, especially since i'm not even prego yet.

A girl at work gave me a bunch of bins to organize toys and so i completely redid her toy room...except i'm hoping to keep it that way with a new "system." here's hoping- what i did is take pix of items that go into that bin, and i'm going to laminate them and tape them to the bin they go in, so it's easier for her to clean up and less frustrating for me...but if i know my daughter, she'll probably just rip the pix off the bins and put them in her purse and tell me they are her money or something. we shall see.

Now Peter's out with John shoveling. Fun times!

We were all invited to a couple's house from church this afternoon who have 3 little girls..ages 8, 4, and 2. way too cute kids! they loved having hailey there, and boy did hailey love it...3 times the dress up princess stuff...oh boy! she was in her glory. i am still floored that i have a 3 year old. it's so incredible! but best part of all is that dana and bill (the parents), totally awesome couple...she's a red head too, and peter actually grew up with her in the mennonite church...anyway, they said we should go away for a weekend so that hailey can stay there and play with their girls...can you say answer to prayer!!!!! she's also the director of the classroom that hailey just moved out of...when she turned 3, she truly adores hailey...yeah!

well, i think that's if for tonight. ganna go play with my treasure now.

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