Tuesday, December 18, 2007

"Princess Hailey"-with a baby in her belly

well, i missed yesterday since i was doing so much. my great hubby let me sleep in and had the dishes done when i woke up. he tends to do that at least two or three times a week..what a blessing! after i had my shower, and was ready for the day...off we three went...far and near.

we did lots of shopping- grocery and other stuff... then came home and ate and i began my adventure in baking. i made: fudge, with nuts and without, mexican wedding balls, pb clusters, coconut macroons, choc covered oreos, and oreo balls. i still have cut outs and thumbprints to make and peanut butter kiss cookies.

my neighbor paid me $120 to make 10 dozen cookies for him...the rest are for our family and friends. anyway i baked from 530-930...then i was pooped! peter and i watched a movie together after that. he put hailey to bed himself last night...what a blessing...again!

i'm working tonight, i taught dance this morning to 3 and 4 year olds for an hour, my tuesday routine. it's fun but so tiring! i will be posting pix soon...surprisingly it takes less time to put pix on here than it does to send them on an email. my camera is in the car right now and i don't want to go out in the snow right now, so i'll do it soon.

my best friend rebecca and i are going out tonight after i get out of work...we haven't been able to talk since she had her second girl two weeks ago. although we did see them today at "leaps and bounce" we let the girls, grace (almost 2) and hailey (3) go crazy bouncing in bounce houses for about 2 hours. it was fun and i got to hold 2 week old mackenzie.

i'm trying to think of something funny hailey said today...her daily talking always consists of letting me know that she has to wear her "princess" which is her cinderella dress-up dress. she then tells me how when she puts her "princess" on that she has a baby in her belly and that she needs to go to debbie's house (my friend who had an at-home water birth) so that she can get in the water and her baby can come out. so cute, but kinda getting annoying to listen to every day!

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