Saturday, September 13, 2008

25 & 1/2 Weeks

sorry this is so fuzzy- not sure why it did that. Hailey snuck into this shot! She got to watch the baby do a dance while i layed on the couch today. She thought it was really cool.

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Freedominthedance said...

I think you have to change the settings on your camera to take a pix in your bathroom...the other pix is the same orangey color...
Anyways...we got NO weather here, such a bummer!!!
YOu're growing, for sure!
I like the color but does it go with the rug color? I can't really tell...
I just called you, but you didn't answer...I think you're on the phone.
and the word 'layed' down is also spelled incorrectly! :)
That's the teacher in me!~
forever your mommy.