Wednesday, November 26, 2008

36 weeks 2 days! Only 26 days to go!

Ok so we're on our way home from church tonight and Hailey says, "Hey dad..." "Yeah Hailey?"

"You know mom's boobs are pretty big huh?" "Yeah, they are sweetie..."

Out of the mouth of babe's i was pretty hilarious! Tomorrow my little sweetie will be 4- i can't believe it! We were invited to a family from church's house tomorrow and i'm happy to go fellowship and hang with the body! Strict dress code i've been informed of- jammie pants and

t-shirt. this i can totally handle!!!! guys will be playing football! fun. We may still take Hailey bowling if it's not too late.

Things I'm Thankful for:

my salvation

my family

a bed to sleep on

my home

my church

healthy children

clothes that fit- sort of ;-)
true joy
love that i don't deserve
a patient husband
snow- it's so beautiful
a car that works and has a heater!
meals with family
much much more...

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