Friday, April 24, 2009

Exciting Times...and Crocodiles

I am now the proud owner of a salon and am licensed by NY State as a business owner...Yeah!! I had to jump through a few of their hoops, but it was so worth it to be doing things legally and to be able to stay home with my girlies, and not go away to work. Now I can plan my business around my schedule and what works for our family.

I quit my job at the salon in Lancaster. Tonight was my last night and I really wasn't sad. I loved working there, but I know God has revealed to me that my place is at home, and I can be a helper to my husband by bringing in some extra money by doing this business at home. Hailey was so excited when i told her that i didn't have to leave her anymore to go to away to work...what a blessing to have a hubby that supports this and encourages me to GO FOR IT!

The electrical work in the salon was done yesterday and the plumbing and sink are being put in on Sunday. Then Monday, Peter and i will do the finishing touches...paint the floor, put up trim, put a desk in there, a rug down, a magazine rack, a plant, pictures on the walls, paint the cabinet that surrounds the sink, and curtains up. I still have a few things I have to purchase- an appointment book, towels, shampoo, etc.

The other exciting thing is that my mom is coming up in 4 days with my two brothers!!! I can't wait! She's only staying here one night, but hopefully we'll get the boys a bit longer than that. Hailey is thrilled to see them again so soon.

Yesterday Hailey and I were discussing what it means when Jesus is your Savior. After explaining it a bit, I asked her if she had asked Him to be her Savior, to which she replied, "yes, I did it when i was in my bed", And I said, "what did you say?" And she said "I didn't say anything, I was asleep." So I said, "No, you can't ask Him when you're asleep."
I then asked her, "What did He save you from?" And she very matter of factly said, "From the crocodiles." .......Thanks Jesus for saving us from the crocodiles!!!

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Freedom in the Dance said...

Yes, thank God for His protection of my granddaughter from the crocodiles there up in Akron, NY!!!
Kiss that doll for me, please, ok? Tell her to go to her blog from me...I posted a squirrel and then go to my blog to see what we did last nite, ok?
Love you,
And where's the 'rice' baby?