Saturday, February 12, 2011


I can remember driving the 25-30 mins. (depending on traffic) down Walden to Harlem to Mineral Springs, to Frank, to 161 Norman Ave.
I remember thinking that it was such a long trip. That I wish that they could only live closer. That I would just stay home since it would take such a long time to get there to visit. What a freakin' fool I was!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mom, and Dad, and my brothers, I would do ANYTHING to have you only 25-30 mins away. I can't handle it anymore. It hurts soooo bad. I can't write it...I can't explain the pain involved. You are so far away and I can't do anything to get you back here. All I can do is think of what a fool I was for not jumping at the opportunity to see you every chance I had.


Rachael said...

I'm supposed to be content with seeing you once a year. What a joke. It's like a cruel prank from someone who hates me. I'm not ok with this. I miss my family.

Daune said...

Oh baby,
I completely understand your pain. But I believe that our enemy would love to take us down a road that would only wind up being a dead end with no joy; don't go there. Follow Him and remember that there is a season for everything and when it's time, we will be together and we will can tomatoes and make soup and laugh and the girls will have their grammy nearby to teach them things and the older boys to push them on the swing and grampa to put them on his back...think of now and prepare yourself for HOT WEATHER, LITTLE BROTHERS THAT FART ALL THE TIME AND YOUR GRAMMA THAT SAYS THE SAME THINGS OVER AND OVER!!!
We are both where we need to be for right now! Know that and just think of what is right in front of you, three little ladies that need their mommy to focus on being the wife and mom they need so they can grow up to be godly women just like their mommy!~
Forever your only mommy that adores you!

Rachael said...

Thanks Mom! Bit of a breakdown, but I'm good now. Talked to Becky and she helped me hash through the emotional stuff. Love you!