Monday, February 28, 2011


Amidst my mindless t.v. watching, I realized something... There comes a time in a teenage girls life when she says to her mother..."There's just some things that are easier to talk to Dad about." As much as I want my daughters...3 of them!!!!... to run to their Daddy when things are rough or confusing in life, why not Mom? Why is it easier to talk to Dad? And when I take the time to go back a few years...holy cow is it 15 year back...I realize it's cuz Dad doesn't take things personally, and Dad can see things from a dude's point of view, and Dad can set his emotions aside to answer questions. Why is that so hard for Mom? Why does Mom internalize all the "drama"? I remember waiting until my Dad would tuck me in- even as a teen- to spill the beans. He would listen and he would know what to say. Mom would freak out if she knew I was thinking a certain way about a certain something...but Dad just expected's like he knew it was coming. Could he remember back to when he was a boy and see it from that perspective? Or did he just feel what I was feeling because I am his daughter? I look at my husband...and I look at my daughters, and I see him seeing things that I don't always see...I see him EXPECTING sin, when I am foolishly surprised by it. I see them wanting his approval. I don't know if every daughter felt this way, but I know I had a Dad who listened, and cared, and knew what to say, and who emmulated the true Father's love and how it is lived out. Praise God for my Dad!


Daune said...

Ok, I've had my cry for the day...THANKS!
It's all the tear reminds me that there is forgiveness...yours to me...and how God has fashioned us to 'feel'...and yet,so deeply that sometimes we lose sight of the immediate and miss the moment...learn from that and allow Him to change us--you, me, all His daughters...I love you and can't wait...thirty four days!!!

Daune said...

Dad says: sometimes Dads don't know what to say, but they know because it's their daughter, it's really important. So they prey that little prayer that goes, "O,God help." Now God is a dad too and he knows the stakes and he whispers in their ear. And because God is there he makes it come out all right.

Nezi said...

I am so grateful to have found your blog! I love the style in which you write, what you write about and just generally the whole layout is the epitome of perfect!
I am your newest follower!

Love from,Eternal Archive