Thursday, March 22, 2012


It was brought to my attention recently that I had not blogged in quite a while- and how true that is. So here's my attempt to blog some thoughts i have recently had.

What does it take to be passionate?? Passionate about my Father God, about my amazing husband, my children? Passion~ it has so many meanings. To me, though, it means that that thing, or person, you are passionate about consumes your thoughts, you are eager to know more, see more, be more.

The way I become passionate is by learning more about that thing or person. My passion for birth came after I dived head- first into educating myself on the subject. My passion for my husband comes from learning more about him and by allowing God to flow through me and love my husband with His love. My passion for Christ must come from a daily desire to be learning more, listnening more, and allowing him to feed the passion with His Truth. The passion for my children comes from knowing they are not mine- they are the Lord's.

I have not read a novel in ....I cannot tell you how long...certainly before my kids were born- 7 years?? Over the past 3 days- while feeling too sick to do anything else- I read a wonderful book by my favorite earthly author, Francine Rivers. The title of the book is "The Scarlet Thread". I highly encourage everyone to read this highly convicting and life altering story of two women facing the same daily battles. This story contrasts a modern day woman, and a woman who is traveling the Oregon Trail. What an amazing journey for both of them to realize that God was in control the whole time...through death, birth, disownment, divorce, adultery, disenherritance, and so much more.

God is always in THAT is something I could get passionate about!!!!

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