Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My Red-Headed Love

Isn't she just the most gorgeous thing you've ever laid eyes on? She hasn't been feeling well since friday. today we cuddled so much and fell asleep on the couch together. she had 3 naps today and actually said to Peter, "i want to go to my bed." at 9pm. not like her at all. the picture of her in purple is today when she was feeling crappy. she scratched herself in her sleep last night- i thought only infants did that! still have to clip her nails i suppose. my house has stayed clean since she hasn't been her normal tornado self. lol! but i do miss her energy and laughter and smiles. i saw a little today, but not enough.

monday peter went in for overtime which was totally God- sent! he prayed for it and went to bed early and they called him, which they NEVER do so we know it was totally God. hailey and i went to explore and more in east aurora and she wasn't feeling the greatest but she still had a blast. then we went out to lunch and i took her to her dr. just to be sure she didn't have strep which she doesn't he said her lungs sound good and throat isn't too red, ears are good too. just one of those lousy viruses. so after the dr. we went to rebecca's house and the guys showed up and we had dinner together and then rebecca and i went grocery shopping for us to freeze meals enough for a month or two. we had a tight budget and went armed with a calculator, but since we did so much prep work and planning, it worked out perfect, and i'm sure God had his hand on that one too. lol

tuesday was the cooking and prep day. we did it at my house since i have the enormous kitchen and table and counter space. we made two kinds of soup and chili and lasagna, pizza, spicy rice balls(to use instead of meatballs) and black bean burgers. we bought 40lbs of skinless boneless chicken so we had to fillet them and cut them up. we have sooooo much food! my freezer is so overloaded! but praise God i will only have to spend about $10 a week for a month or so on groceries. i'm so thrilled. we are hopefully only going to have to do this bi-monthly, since it was sooooo exhausting. we started at 10am and ended at 5:30pm. clean up included. thank God the guys were able to keep the girls busy, even though they kept getting "distracted" by the
evil x-box!!!!!!

peter gets 2 weeks paid vacation time this year and i get one week paid vacation- my first ever!!! so we're taking it in the end of june. from the 27th to july 8th! peter will have 12 days off but is only using 4 vacation days since he has 3 days off a week and can use a floating holiday in there too. we're going camping at letchworth with hailey and then peter and i are going to go somewhere fun alone, not sure where yet but we need to find something all inclusive since this guy eats sooooo much! lol. we'd go broke trying to eat out the whole time! we are also going to go see the play in pa. that my inlaws got us giftcert. for sight and sound theatre! awesome!
i did a haircut on a woman today who saw an add i put on craig's list who also lives in the town i live in. she was thrilled with her hair and is a teacher at the local school and said that she would spread the word! i can't wait until my shop is done in my home! we may even make an entrance through the front sunroom so they don't have to go throught the living room. make a door going from the salon into the sunroom. that would be awesome! i have big dreams.
please pray that God would give peter specific direction for his life. that's all tonight i'm tired.

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