Monday, January 21, 2008

more thoughts...

good intentions aren't enough, i have so many "i really should..." lists. Do them!!!! i am telling myself as well as you- DO THEM! don't wait anymore. start with one. a letter you've been meaning to write, a card you've been meaning to send, a place you've wanted to visit- whatever it is, seize the moment. just do it! this earthly life is so short and we need to let all the people around us know just how much them truly mean to us. You don't know how much time you have left with anyone. You don't know if tomorrow is the last time you will kiss your spouse. make it count! make each day a day you love to live. don't worry about if you had a "fun" day, make it special to someone who is special to you. you will be so much happier when you stop focusing on yourself and you try to make someone else will find joy when you serve. true joy- unselfish and real joy. Jesus served when he was on earth he knew what brought true contentment and satisfaction. How can you change someone's life today? maybe just a phone call but it means so much to them. deny yourself and serve. humble yourself and stop being selfish- check your motives. - that's it i guess- have a great day!

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