Tuesday, January 1, 2008

These are the pix i promised of my little artist who insists on painting on a daily basis. Isn't the smock just too cute!

ok so i had some thoughts that i thought i would share...i was thinking back to when i was about to be getting married and i was a waitress and i didn't know what i wanted to do...school or career or anything..so i figured i'd give beauty school a try. i had no passion for it, i didn't have much of an education in it, i didn't really know too much other than i like to watch my mom do it, so i thought i'd give it a try. turns out- it's now 7 years later- it's my passion. one of them anyway. i love what i do and i am so grateful that i took that initial step of faith to try something that was foreign but that i was interested in. all that said- i have been thinking about why i haven't pursued anything with becoming a doula...i had thought about it- done a ton of research and prayed about it talked to my hubby about it- and then it just fell out of my mind, i guess. not really, i just didn't think it was possible because of a small investment- which is really nothing when you think of what you gain. i spent over $8000 for beauty school but i have made much more than that already. and i'll have that degree/ education for the rest of my life- what a drop in the bucket! how silly of me to think that a $400 investment wasn't worth it! and what's more- i ALREADY have such a strong passion for this natural way of childbirth. I would be silly to ignore this desire and to not "give it a try." if i find that it just wasn't for me- then i learned something along the way and met amazing people along the way too. i am saying all this to encourage everyone to not ignore passions that you have- to live each day to its fullest- and to not wait for the good life to come to you but to live it each day because of the choices you make! Choose to let God direct you and to let the desires of your heart

be revealed to you- by pursuing Him. I keep hearing over and over in my head to not waste time- to stop being lazy, to accomplish goals to achieve more. Life is way too short to be limited. Be the jack of all trades. You are the only one who limits yourself. God is way too big to think that you are fine where you are- dream big!

if i sound like a motivational speaker- i don't know where this is coming from- i haven't listened to anything lately except my thoughts/ meditations, and i haven't read anything motivation or talked to anyone like this. i just couldn't sleep tonight which is wierd considering i'm running on 3 hours of sleep from new years eve and i worked 7 hour days mon and tue which i haven't done since i was prego over 3 years ago! ahhhh! maybe i had too much sugar! whatever it is- i'm grateful for it. i am determined to have an unforgettable year! i am so excited for all the change God has in store for me- hey, wanna get your whole world rocked???? pray- "God, break me!" woah nelly! i am so pumped for who i am going to become. i know she's there, i am also so grateful for new friendships with women who have a passion and a zeal for Christ! and it's the real deal not some "fake church smile"! i am encouraged by them and am looking forward to how they can rub off on me and i can change for the better.

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