Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Baby "Kenzie"- it's really McKenzie

This is Hailey doing what she does best- mothering. I am so looking forward to when she can hold her siblings, and maul them, and do all the mothering that she won't let me do. She was so amazing with her. She would soothe her any time she whined. she would say, "it's ok baby, here's your binky." She was also rocking her in her carseat, what a gift she has... to be a nurturer and how amazing that God put that in her from birth. she has always prefered to walk around with a baby in her arms than anything else. I am way too proud of my mini-me! The baby she's holding is my best friend Rebecca's second baby- i got to be there for her birth- well both of her kids- but this one was extra special since she gave birth at home. What a gift i wish all women would accept. Our Father gave us everything we need to complete this natural mind blowing task- we just have to trust Him!...more on this to come i'm sure!

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Daune (pronounced Dawn) said...

Dear Rachael,
This is your brother, Isaac.
This blog is awesome, Hailey is cute in this picture.
XXX and OOO's from Isaac.