Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The best gift!

Ok so i forgot to write about what my wonderful husband did for me a couple of fridays ago. he dropped me off at work and went to work out, hailey plays in the playroom with other kids and an adult and he checks on her every couple of mins. when he came to pick me up, he didn't have hailey in the carseat...i said, "where's hailey?" and he said.,"are you ready to have some fun?" and my mouth dropped! i was like are you serious! you're joking! he had planned it days before to have a couple from church with 4 kids watch her overnight. i asked, don't you have to work tomorrow? and he said that he used a "floating holiday", which they get for each holiday. so i was just shocked! he took me to a restaurant -we've been waiting for it to open- called the melting pot. it's a fondu restaurant and it was so incredible! you have to find out if you have one in your area and go!!!! such a neat experience. we were there 3 hours which i think is very typical. it had just opened on dec 19th. we left so stuffed. we went home and started watching our favorite love story- the notebook- but we only made it about half way was a night to remember! my heart has not raced as fast as it did when i found out he had truly surprised me in so long! what a gift to have a man who still wants to keep the romance alive after 10 years together- 6 1/2 married years...ohmygosh i almost forgot the best part...i had just gotten out of work and was gross and hairy- hairstylist usually are covered in other people's hair- pleasant, no? and he brought me a change of clothes, a change of shoes, and MY MAKE UP BAG!!!! I had not put any on to go to work since i thought i left it in the car, and it wasn't and i didn't have time to g back he amazing or what!!!???!!!

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Daune (pronounced Dawn) said...

What a gift to treasure! What a passion he has for you...he's behaving like his Heavenly Father...drink in His love through Peter, dear.