Wednesday, January 9, 2008


ok so i fully intended on blogging a few days ago but i was having a total brain fart and couldn't remember my password to log in...grrr. ok so here i am and i have had a few challenges this week. First off, on sat night i called my sister-in-law who is a long time alcoholic and i told her that i was able to do her hair on wed. she was beyond drunk, and proceeded to tell me that i was hiding something from her and i needed to be honest about what was bothering me...this went on forever...can you say annoying? and then she wanted to read me a letter that i think she had written me a long time ago...well, that didn't end up happening and the only way i could get her off the phone was to tell her that peter needed to talk to me. she said to call her back- and when i didn't- she called non stop for i had to unplug the phone. i'm sure i missed many a call but i had to do it.

next challenge was yesterdays dance class. the kiddos were so out of control i left extremely stressed out. i told peter that 1/2 hour of that was worse than a week of hailey whining. i really dont' want to teach anymore but i feel that i should finish out this school year with these kids. i wrote to the director though and let her know what's been going on. i told her everything and i hope she's understanding. they just wouldn't listen no matter what i did. it was so chaotic!!!!

the other challenge we had was the power going out at 4am and trying to find things to do in the house all day with my sweet girl. we painted, we colored, we read books, we cleaned her toys, she rode her bike, we snuggled...i didn't want to hook up the kerosene heater since it wasn't too cold out so we just bundled up. it was a good time to spend one on one, but i was really happy when it came back on at 915pm. we were at church from 545-8 so that was a nice break and it was nice to be in real light instead of candlelight.

on the upside- monday and tue when peter was off the weather was amazing! it was about 70 on tue and so we took her to the park and though it was muddy we let her ride her bike on the road and the basketball court, she was in heaven! she loves it and is getting really good and today she said "look mom, i'm going backwards!" she says backwards so well and i didn't even know she knew that word. we also walked around our cute little town and went in the library and got some movies out for her. also i was able to order a book to get started on my reading for my doula training! yeah! the first step was to pay the $15 fine on the library card...i keep them in business...doing my part!!!! ;-)

monday we went to my brother and sister in laws house to pick up my mother in laws car that she's letting me use while she's in florida then we took hailey to the dr. since she hasn't been since she was about 18 months and had a physical...perfectly healthy- i already knew that. average on all their stupid charts. 30lbs and 37 1/4 in. tall. the whole reason i had to take her was to get a wic referal. so then we had to take her to get a lead test and they had to do a draw, they couldn't just do the finger prick, so i was totally stressing about this- the last time i had that done she screamed bloody murder and it was so painful for me. this time- she watched the needle go in, and didn't even flintch. i said,"see hailey, that's your blood going in the tube!" she thought it was cool. especially the bugs bunny bandaid. i was floored and so was peter his jaw was on the floor! what a blessing that she was so calm! it did hurt her later on and she whined but we went and got ice cream and all was well with the world!

tuesday work was so slow that i had my friend rebecca come in and get her hair done- it came out awesome and she loved it! we did bright red highlights and blonde too. tomorrow i'm going to her house and she's giving me a massage! yeah for bartering! i'm kinda brain dead i have an appt early in the am, so i'm ganna hit the hay. love you and miss you mom!

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