Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Funny Girl

A few days ago, Hailey asked me how old daddy was. So i told her thirty. so she said "surty". and so i said, " no honey, put your tounge between your teeth and say ttthhhirty. she tried and succeeded. she was thrilled. so a few minutes later she said "mommy, what color is this?" and i said "it's yellow." to which my brilliant daughter replied, "no mommy, put your tongue between your teeth like this and say lllllelllllow." it was way too cute to correct!

1 comment:

Daune (pronounced Dawn) said...

Oh, my word! She is YOU, my dear daughter. I love it! Kiss her for her unabashed freedom to take what you give her and apply it!
Hey, does anyone else view this blog besides me? Just curious...have you been to mine lately?
Love you, toots,