Thursday, March 5, 2009

Life Lately...

So I'm enjoying my 4 year old and the amazing way her mind is developing. Yesterday during lunch i got a whole mouthful of questions that she was wondering about, such as:

why do we yawn?

how exciting to learn! i am also really excited that she is now writing her name and other words, like yesterday she wrote flat, mat, and hat, and she is really enjoying it. she also loves to do rhyming words. i make her write the words all the way across the paper and then she gets a jelly bean for finishing.

my other girl is finally falling asleep on her own, in her own crib, and spending some time sleeping in there at night and during the day, yeah! she is only pooping once or twice a day which is so wonderful compared to what is was- poop with every diaper! not fun!

i am actually really wanting to have another baby already! i just don't want to go through the pregnancy i'll do the delivery and having the baby- just the sickness thing and getting huge- not so much fun!

so kohls is totally my favorite store! i got 2 bridal shower gifts, a birthday gift, and several baby outfits (4), and baby shoes (3)- for future showers- and a pair of pants for hailey and a nighty for me/peter ;-) for under $50!!! i always get the best deals there! plus i had a 30% off coupon.

alright duty calls - until next time! adios!

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