Saturday, March 21, 2009

Life This Week

The picture shows how Hailey really thinks Trinity is her dolly.

With the encouragement of my hubby- I have been embarking on a journey of a sort. Peter and I were both convicted that I shouldn't be making income from doing hair without claiming it on our taxes and so we decided to do some research as to what the state requires in order for my haircutting, coloring, etc. to be legal and legit. Turns out that there's quite a bit to it. I got the packet from the state and the journey began! Had to go downtown to register the name of my business, get a tax id #, and purchase a professional liability insurance policy. I mailed all this yesterday to the state and am waiting for my business license to come in the mail. I also checked with the town as to what they require. They are cool with me doing it- just want me to pay $50 to put a sign up and it has to be 2'x2' and 10' away from the road. I also started a website and got a new email address and ordered business cards- they are so cool with a spot for the next appointment on the back of them. i got a good deal on them. I'm still looking for a sink. i have someone coming on sunday to see what it's ganna take to put a sink in. It's been so great to have my hubby be just as excited as me to see this becoming a reality. He's been a great encouragement and letting me just go for it. my website is

and my email is i'll update what all is happening in this business endevor! later!

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