Saturday, August 22, 2009

How awesome is our God!

Ask and you shall receive! I went to a class this morning to learn how to can peaches. Well...I left the class praying for God to provide a huge pot with a wire rack for the jars. I stopped at a few yard sales right around my house, and asked a lady- who didn't have any kitchen items out- if she happened to have one- she said, "i think i have an extra one, hold on" So...$4 later I have my very own canning pot with a rack! Yeah God! I am so excited- I will be canning peaches and pears as long as my hubby says it's ok. and i learned that you can make the syrup for them with honey instead of sugar! yeah for natural! i just can't wait until in january (actually i really don't mean that) when it's a huge snow storm and i open a jar of summer!!!! how awesome will that be! maybe i'll be brave and do tomatoes, and salsa, and spaghetti sauce. Next year i think i'll do some jams. I love being effiecient and frugal! I just need someone to watch the kiddos while i do all this! When Hailey is old enough to help me with all this what a blessing that will be!!!

OH yeah and at the yard sale that i got the pot- i also got asics sneakers...probably cost $70 in the store- for $3!!! and they look brand new!

my inlaws came over for haircuts and they took Hailey with them...PRAISE THE LORD!!!!! I love being with her but she talks a mile a minute and I am getting mentally drained!!!! I am so grateful that they were willing to do that- and the best part is- it was their idea!

So my catscan is scheduled for sept. 3. My mother in law will pick me and the girls up and we're going to make a day of it. My appt is at 8:30 am. thank God because i can't eat for 2 hours before the test- and then i have to speak with the doctor- which is scheduled for 10am. but i've been throught this drill before and when they say 10am they really mean 3pm. So hopefully the girls will enjoy this little "outing"!

I have lots i can do without hailey breathing down my neck so i'm ganna get busy!!!

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