Thursday, August 13, 2009


I can't tell my husband enough how grateful I am to be able to stay home with our girls and enjoy their everyday changing. I was in a store the other day talking to the clerk and she was sharing how her daughter- a couple months older than Trinity- was starting to step away from holding onto furniture. She said "I know i'm going to miss her first steps because i'll be here at the store." I just thought how sad that something so special is traded for a little money.

I am getting excited about homeschooling- and wondering how an unstructured gal like myself can try to implement some structure into my daughters lives. I know i'll be praying a lot!

Hailey's curious little mind is always asking questions, like this morning- taking Peter to work at 5:30am..."mom, why is it so smokey?" Oh you mean the foggy fog! and then when we got back home- "mom what does udicrous mean?", "you mean ludicrous?", "yeah" ,"it means crazy."
or yesterday..."mom, what means lergic?", "you mean allergic?", "yeah", "it means you get all sneezy when you're around something. like daddy is allergic to cats and that's why we can't have a kitty- cuz he'll get all sneezy." which brought on a whole slew of questions later on like..."are some people allergic to trees? are some people allergic to babies?"

there are some things you think would never some out of your mouth- but as a mother, somehow they manage to come out. such as..."stop licking that chair!"

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Daune said...

That was hilarious! Especially the 'stop licking the chair!'
I sold three aprons in five minutes and made $65!!! It was such a productive day...I'm also getting my business cards for free by making Josh's boss a b'b'q apron! Is that not the coolest thing...he even traded me a 'cowboy coffee' candle for hemming his pants! Good trade!
I miss you...when are you guys gonna go see gramma again? She loves the company...she's on a different floor. Doing therapy...
I love you guys...gonna write my girls....