Wednesday, January 19, 2011


So I haven't blogged since I had my sweet little "Pay Pay" as we like to call her. I've been thinking lately about being "purposeful" in everything. Do I have goals for my day? Do I have goals for the week, month, year??? What do I want to accomplish and more importantly, WHY?? What makes that task worthwhile? Is it accomplishing anything for eternity? Is it glorifying to Christ? Will it change how I submit to my husband or how I parent my children?

Purposeful eating...Am I eating because I'm bored? Am I eating because I feel sad about how I look? Am I eating because it just looks so good??

Purposeful reading...Will this draw me closer or further to Christ?

Purposeful TV watching...Will this benefit me? How could I be spending my time better? Why do I want to "veg?" Would my husband feel more loved if I shut it off and went upstairs to meet his needs?

Purposeful listening...Do I listen to others just so that I can respond, or do I really care about what they have to say?

Purposeful socializing...Am I a good friend? Am I trustworthy and someone to confide in?

Well, just some of my thoughts. I'm going to pray that God continues to convict me and that I submit my will to Him, and surrender.

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