Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Quiet

I love getting up when my hubby does (5am) and getting him his coffee and making him an omlet and kissing him as he leaves for the day. It's not been an easy thing for me...I love my sleep! But I have noticed that on the days that I put Peter before myself, my wants (sleep!), then my day goes sooo much better! I'm able to get the laundry done- except the folding- I do that while listening to my oldest read. I'm able to get the dishes done, although I do sometimes leave the dishwasher to be unloaded by Trinity (2) and Hailey (6). They are so cute how much they love to do it! Hailey will hand a cup to Trin, and she will bring it to me, and I will put it away. The best part though, is how she says, "Here" every single time she gives me a dish! It comes out sounding like "HE." LOVE IT! I think I have figured out a routine that works for balancing homeschooling and mothering the other two little ones. And just because it worked yesterday doesn't mean it will work again, but it's something to shoot for I guess. If I wait until we've had breakfast, changed T. and P.'s diapers, and let them play a bit together, when P. is ready for her morning nap, I can put on Elmo for T. and then get started with school with H. I love getting school done before lunch- it's kind of like a reward for both of us! Which I'm not sure is a good way to look at food, but for now it's working for us.

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