Friday, May 21, 2010

Life is Grand!

I really have an awesome life! I am so grateful to be able to stay home with my two girls and spend everyday teaching them, and learning from them. My third child is growing quickly, I'm more than 1/2 way through this pregnancy- yeah! 21 weeks exactly today. I can feel him/her moving everyday and the prods and kicks are getting a bit stronger.

Hailey just decided to decorate herself and her sister with little red spots. Fun. At least it's not permanent this time!

We have 6 chickens who are growing rapidly and we are anxiously awaiting the fall when we can enjoy fresh brown eggs!

The pool will be going up soon- hopefully this weekend- I cannot wait to float my big belly in that water! Peter planted 2 pear trees last week- they won't produce for 2-4 years. We'll be planting the garden soon- Dick and Pat will be doing half and we'll do half. Can't wait for fresh garden picked produce! We got a sandbox given to us and so we bought sand yesterday and the girls both love it!

We ordered a video camera- which should be here in 4 days- I am so thrilled to have footage of all our adventures! The girls are so cute together and Trinity is doing so many new things. Her latest words are "cup", "down", "nite nite", she also will tell you what a cow, cat, dog, and duck say. She loves to eat and will outeat her sister anyday! She just started coming down the stairs on her butt instead of her belly which makes Mommy a bit nervous!

I set up the sprinkler in the yard today and Hailey loved it- Trin wouldn't go near it! We were all getting a bit red so we had to come in- the weather is beautiful, but us fair-skinned people can't take too much of it.

Trinity is walking around right now with one of my sandles on. She is such a girl~ looooves shoes! And she gets so mad if one of her shoes falls off- it's hilarious.

Well, I'm about to do a color so bye for now!

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Anonymous said...

Good to know I am not the only one spending a part of my day with crayons in hand. I am also very proficient in making play-doh snakes. My daughter Penny loves shoes and just mastered the art of keeping "fop-fops" on her feet, too cute!