Monday, October 6, 2008

The Jungle Room

So this is the amazing JUNGLE ROOM! Hailey loves it and wants to play in there with her friends. Everyone who sees it says it's such a cool room. She is very proud that it's her room. I'm really glad we did it before the baby shows up and she has so much to adjust to.

On another note- i am very excited because my midwife gave me the name and number of a pediatrician that is more naturally minded and she takes care of almost all the homebirth children that Eileen (my midwife) attends. I will be giving her a call later today to set up an appt. to meet her, hopefully she'll take the baby as a patient and Hailey as well. It would be nice to not have to explain ourselves as far as why we want to "endanger" our child by having a homebirth and by not having vit. k, or eyedrops, or any immunizations...someone in the medical community that will support our decisions.

Did you know that the only reason they put the eye goop in babies eyes after birth is because there a slight risk of bacteria getting in their eyes only IF THE MOTHER HAS GONORRHEA OR CHLAMYDIA!!!! And this is a routine procedure!!! There is also a chance of blindness by putting this in the babies eyes, and they can't see their mother or father or sibling- or anything for a while which is totally sad since they have been waiting so long to see eachother.

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