Thursday, October 23, 2008


So hiccups are pretty much a daily thing now for my 4lb. 17in. long baby. Peter felt them today. He or she must be sucking their thumb. Very active baby just like Hailey was, not quite as vicious as Hailey though, more gentle movements than Hailey's violent kicks and punches. So this kiddo is supposed to be gaining a half a pound every week from now until birth! I'm ganna be soooo huge. I know that having a long torso helps to carry the baby, but this kid is so low that i have no shirts that cover my huge belly, let alone the "super stylish" belly band on my pants.

Today I was presented with an awesome opportunity to trust God. This is the way i choose to look at the situation.

Our home was reassessed last year- and so because of the huge jump in the reassessment, (from 73k to 121) our taxes took a huge jump as well. About a $1000 jump! So our escrow account was short quite a bit, and not only do we need to pay that shortage, but our mortgage is going up $72 a month starting in Dec. Perfect timing with me not going to be workin in Jan and Feb. Like i said, a great opportunity to trust God!!! Well, I'm going to have someone come here and look at the house and give us a new assessment, so hopefully our taxes will be lowered. God is always faithful and He's not ganna stop now!

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