Friday, October 3, 2008

Still on the circumcision thing...

Really great link -thanks Doug!
very informative! so glad i'm not just going with the flow on this but really getting all the facts. lots of false info out there! parents should challenge everything that is considered "the norm" since- look at our country! just because everyone does something doesn't mean it's the right way. but what i'm learning even more than that is that just because you have a conviction about something doesn't mean it's the right way- it may be right for you, but you can't expect it to be for everyone. we all have our own personal convictions and that's just fine and dandy! don't look at yourself as if "you're getting it done". We are nothing without Christ. We are scum. The Bible isn't a book about great people that Jesus died for, it's a book about wretched sinners that Jesus died for- and you are one of them- as am I.


Taylor Taylor said...

Thank you for researching this vital issue about genital integrity, the ethical and the logical aspect of circumcision. :-)

ChrisMcCaw (MacShill)

ICU too said...

I read this a while back on circumcision and Christians (I left my boy intact after much consideration - pros & cons, husband is, but we left this baby in the natural state - LOL):

I'm Catholic and it's not commanded by my religion so that was another reason for us not to circumcise him.

Good luck to you in finding a decision you're comfortable with.