Thursday, October 2, 2008

Princess Tea Party

This was such a fun event for us girlies! We had our own table and I really enjoyed making this memory with her. She drank fruit punch and so she had a red mustache while we were there. How amazing that this is the same theatre group that Peter and I met at- and now our daughter is enjoying it as well. I think when she is 5 or 6 we will get her involved in a play at the group- ACTS. She is so interested in singing on a stage- not that she can't do that at church, i'm sure she'll do that as well. She is quite the actress and i can't imagine how that happened! Daddy has been talking about getting a drama group together at church. He made a promotional video with the youth group a couple weeks ago for a fall event that the youth is having and he really enjoyed doing that.

I am having a blast planning Hailey's 4th birthday, as i always do! I am going to do a cinderella cake- last year we did dora and it took me 2 hours to decorate the cake. I'm sure it will be just as long this year too. The exciting news is that we are going to be able to have the party at church in the youth center which has a huge gym- so we will have room for the kiddos to be kiddos! I am borrowing Kinderdance items from Jackie and making an obstacle course and a music center and bubbles and silly string and the church has these huge wooden structures that you throw balls at and knock stuff down- similar to carnival games. we're having face painting as well! I am buying all sorts of toppings so the kids can make their own sundae's and Hailey wants cupcakes and brownies too! We're not doing a pinata this year since we're having so much other sugar!

I'm making lasagna and salad and rolls. I have 36 adults to invite and 33 kids and 9 babies. I am having the invitations custom made with Hailey's picture on them. They are sooo cute! She has asked for a cinderella party- even though she's never seen the movie- the only thing that's going to be cinderella though is the invitations, the decorations, the cake and the goody bags. I'll post a copy of the invitation when i get them in the mail which should be a few days. I'm just so glad that we're doing it at the church and i can invite everyone and no one will get left out!

I wonder if my neighbor will ask me to make the usual 12 doz. cookies for his christmas party. I wonder if i'll be up to it- i hope the baby comes before christmas!

Here's a link to the kind of bottles we're going to use- or I should say Peter will use, when i'm not available. They are $15 each purchased in stores, but i got brand new ones on ebay for much cheaper. I have 3 stage 1 and 3 stage 2 and 2 stage 3, so i'm all set on bottles. Since this is a 5 paycheck month, we will be getting the cloth diapers at the end of this month, which i am so excited about! Here's the link for those.

The baby room is all set up- minus the crib- but the bassinette is in our bedroom, and all neutral clothing is in the dresser- i still have to wash it all once i get some dreft.

Everyone who sees me says that i'm having a boy. I'm carrying so low and it's all in front. I don't

know. I'm just excited to meet whomever is in there, whether it be Preston Allan, or Trinity Faith.


Freedominthedance said...

You sound like your aunt with all the hoopla over just turning four. *Smile*
But I wonder how next year will look?
Anyways, she looks absolutely adorable...

Rachael said...

I wonder if i do the parties for her or me! I just really enjoy doing it and man if i could only make a living doing it!